CONCORD, N.C. -- Police in Concord have charged a man in connection with a series of armed robberies that targeted pharmacies.

Zachary Louis Junker, 25, was charged with two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon by the Concord Police Department.

The thief was caught on camera multiple times. Police say the pill poacher walked into three separate pharmacies brandished his gun and demanded drugs.

"He could've put a gun to my head or anyone else in the store," said a Walgreens shopper. "It's just terrible."

Police say the suspect's getaway car is a gold or champagne-colored Mercedes-Benz.

"Makes me upset because I could've been in there when that happened," said the shopper.

The pill pirate is described as a thin white male, approximately 5-foot-9 with dirty blonde hair. During both Concord robberies, the suspect was wearing a toboggan or skull cap.

This isn't the first time pharmacy heists have been in the news. In recent years, a criminal was caught on camera at a CVS in Rock Hill.

In south Charlotte, a serial robber was on the run as well. He hit four pharmacies and stole hundreds of dollars worth of oxycodone before being caught.

Starrea Livingston uses one of the Walgreens pharmacy's that was robbed. Her youngest daughter also goes to school not far from where the burglar struck.

"It brings some sort of eerie feeling to my soul," said Livingston.