CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A missing Charlotte mom and her 8-year-old daughter were found safe near St. Louis, Missouri.

NBC Charlotte learned that Megan Stack voluntarily checked in for medical help there. Police say she took off with her daughter, Ava, on Monday afternoon sparking a frantic search.

Investigators were concerned about the little girl's safety because of her mom's mental state.

On Wednesday, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said both Megan and Ava are physically unharmed. Ava is expected to come back to North Carolina, but no there’s no exact timetable on that right now.

“We do have a successful resolution to this,” said CMPD spokesman Rob Tufano.

CMPD says Megan Stack was located near St. Louis Missouri, after checking into an EMS substation there.

“Voluntarily asking for medical assistance, she’s been taken off to the hospital for evaluation,” said Tufano.

Ava’s father, Timothy Lybarger, was desperate for answers over the past couple days.

“She’s everything to me. She’s my world. She’s all I have,” Lybarger, previously said during the search.

Authorities applied for an Amber Alert because of concerns about Megan’s mental state and Ava’s safety. However, the request was denied because of the state’s restrictive criteria for an Amber Alert. Then word came from Megan herself on Tuesday night.

“She was somewhere in Oklahoma last night and had a conversation with family members, letting them know she was OK and Ava was OK,” says Tufano.

On Wednesday, CMPD confirmed both mother and daughter are not injured.

“Both Megan and Ava are physically fine, they’re in great condition,” says Tufano.

Now authorities are working with other family members to get Ava back to North Carolina. Ava’s father sent a statement through his attorney thanking police and the media for their efforts, as well as the community for its support.

The statement reads in part, "Mr. Lybarger and his family are relieved that Ava and her mother, Ms. Stack, were found safe and unharmed this morning. Mr. Lybarger has made arrangements for Ava to be safely transported back to her home in Charlotte, North Carolina where she will be reunited with her family.”

Police say they’re still trying to figure out why Megan took her daughter in the first place. CMPD told NBC Charlotte it’s too early to discuss any potential criminal charges at this point.