CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are investigating yet another case of violent road rage.

The victim is a single mother of two and she says the other driver tormented her for miles outside the Music Factory before it finally came to a halt.

Kelly Stanley is holding her children a little tighter after she survived textbook road rage. What was she thinking during the terrifying ordeal?

"That I'm going to die," said Stanley. "And it sounds a little dramatic to say, but with the fact that his car struck me as many times as it did, I was waiting for that airbag to deploy on me."

For Stanley, a ride home from work turned into a near-death experience.

"All I thought about was my two kids," said Stanley. "Trying to get out of his way several times and it seemed like it only pissed him off more," said Stanley.

The driver was cited, but Stanley says that's not enough and she is taking legal action.

According to police, this is just one of several cases as of late where drivers with a short fuse were set off going into a fit of rage.

"It was just like something you'd see out of a movie," said Thomas Casey, a road rage victim. "It really scared me."

Two weeks ago, Casey found himself battling a driver who was using their car as a weapon. In case you find yourself in the middle of a heated encounter on the highway police suggest the following.

"The number one thing is definitely don't get out of your car," said Johnathan Frisk, a CMPD crime prevention specialist. "One of the other things is if somebody is trying to challenge you, they want you to look at them. We would recommend don't look at them."