SHELBY, N.C. -- An accused murder suspect in Cleveland County remains out on bond despite prosecutors receiving allegations that he verbally threatened someone who's connected to his case.

Quavis Clyde was arrested back in November 2015 for murdering his neighbor over a dispute.

He spent more than a year in jail under a "no-bond hold" until last month when Judge Carla Archie agreed to give Clyde a $250,000 bond. As part of his bond conditions, he couldn't leave his mother's house nor have any contact with people connected to his case.

He posted that bond, but less than two weeks later, he was rearrested for violating the conditions.

Prosecutors tell NBC Charlotte a man came forward claiming Clyde verbally threatened him because he gave information about Clyde to Crime Stoppers.

Ultimately, no new charges were filed against Clyde due to a lack of evidence; Judge Todd Pomeroy allowed Clyde to be released on his previous bond while reinforcing his conditions.

Taft Borders lives next door to the house where the shooting happened, and he has mixed feelings about Clyde being out of jail as he awaits trial.

"I didn't really feel comfortable with it," Borders said. "But, I also felt it was a good thing for his family especially his mother."

The District Attorney's Office declined to talk about this case on-camera. NBC Charlotte left messages for Clyde's attorney and the judges involved in this case and is awaiting a response.