CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. -- Charges haven't been filed and questions about the death of a seven-month-old child have yet to be answered, but neighbors want justice to be served.

"She didn't deserve to be treated that way," said next-door neighbor, Jenna Bullman, a nurse's assistant who performed CPR on the baby.

"I heard a knock on the door," recalled Bullman. "It was the father and he said please come help me with my baby girl, something's wrong and he was crying."

The baby suffered brain bleeding, retinal hemorrhaging and broken bones.

Bullman said she did not see external signs of abuse on the baby when she performed CPR.

Other neighbors say Steven Dean, Morgan Conn and their nine children only lived in the trailer for a few weeks before the incident.

"We didn't know them and did not see them," said Ann Weaver, who's lived in the same house for 53 years.

Captain Joel Shores of the Cleveland County Sheriff's Department tells NBC Charlotte he expects both parents to be charged with murder on Monday, but no charges have been formally filed.

Ralph Conn, the grandfather of the baby, gave NBC Charlotte the following statement on behalf of the family: 

"We appreciate and respect the job that the Cleveland County Sheriff's Department and Cleveland County Social Services has done and will continue to do."

Conn added that the "truth will come out in court," as to who committed the crime.