CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police now have 28 new officers.

The latest recruit class graduated the same week the city recorded its 27th homicide of the year.

Chief Kerr Putney, who welcomed the new officers, said like any chief in a big city, he would like to add even more officers.

"(City) Council has been generous enough to give us 63 this time and we are filling that allocation, but yes,  we are going to need more," said Putney.

This past Wednesday, Charlotte recorded its 26th and 27th homicides on the same day, within six hours of each other.

Last Sunday, the bodies of a Charlotte couple were found in their home and their 11-year-old granddaughter was missing. The couple's son and girlfriend were later charged with the murders and the girl was found safe and unharmed.

During the weekly CMPD news briefing, Major Cameron Selvey said, "We all share the concern about the number of homicides."

Selvey said police can't point to one single reason behind the spike in murders.

"I think we can point a finger at all kinds of things. Things in culture, things in society. I wish I had an answer," Selvey said."

Chief Putney said he believes the new officers joining the force will help.

"Well, I think that the more people we get, the more people we can take out who resort to violence to solve minor issues and I think it will have a cumulative effect down the road," he said.