SALISBURY, N.C. -- A Salisbury Woman was arrested for murder Monday after police say she injected a Fayetteville man with 'non-medical grade' silicone.

The arrest warrant states that 42-year-old Kavonceya Cornelius allegedly injected a man with silicone, resulting in his death.

"The person has been arrested for this, but if there's always follow-up to do. So, if anything else comes out about it, we'll follow up on it,” said Captain Shelia Lingle with the Salisbury Police department.

Police are working to find out if there are any other alleged victims out there.

"If anybody has dealt with this before to come forward- contact the Police Department," Lingle said, adding that people should only get medical procedures from licensed professionals.

"If somebody wants this type of thing done to them to go to a somebody who is medically qualified,” she said. “To make sure you know who you're going to somebody who's qualified."

Cornelius has no bond because of the murder charge. She will face a face a Judge for the first time later in the week.