CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Package thefts are on the rise across Charlotte, as holiday gifts begin to arrive on doorsteps.

In University, Army veteran Micah Edmunds says his home’s security camera captured a theft that happened in broad daylight on Monday afternoon.

“I saw UPS drop off the package,” said Edmunds.

But when he went to get his packages, they were gone and their theft captured on camera.

Just before 12:30 p.m., an older model G35 or G37 champagne colored Infinity sedan is seen driving slowly by the home. Just minutes later the car comes back. This time, a man hops out of the passenger-side door, runs up to Edmunds house and takes off with his packages, which he says were Christmas gifts for his fiancé.

“By the time that guy got out of the car, ran up there to grab the package it was less than 10 seconds,” said Edmunds.

Unfortunately, Edmunds isn’t the only package-theft victim this holiday season. Tuesday, the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office announced they arrested and charged two people, who they say were also captured on home video surveillance stealing packages from homes on Brawly School Road.

Police say both 25-year-old Brittany Butler and 22-year-old Sage Owings confessed to the crimes and are being charged with three counts of misdemeanor larceny.

Brittany Butler; Sage Owings. (Credit: Iredell County Sheriff's Office)

So how can you protect your packages?

Police recommend having packages delivered to your place of work or to an office where someone can sign for it. If that’s not an option, they say when checking out online, add delivery instructions for your delivery driver to place your package in a location that’s is out of sight or inside the porch door.

If you’re ordering from Amazon, the online giant is offering a new safe way to ship packages. They’ve placed lockers at 26 locations around Charlotte, including at QT gas stations and Northlake Mall. At check out, shoppers select “lockers” as the delivery address. When your package has been delivered, they say you’ll get a pickup code via text or email. You simply enter that code on the touchscreen at the location and the door with your package inside will pop open.