CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say they fully expect arrests will be made in connection with an incident two weeks ago when about 100 shots were fired in uptown.

No one was hurt in the incident that happened a half hour before the final game of the CIAA basketball tournament, a night when city streets are crowded with fans.

“I am fully confident in some sort of progress that we can share with you shortly,” said Deputy Chief Jeff Estes at the weekly briefing by CMPD officials.

Estes would not say if investigators have spoken directly with a rapper named Young Dolph, who is pictured on his upcoming album standing next to a black SUV, surrounded by shell casings.

On the last night of the CIAA tournament, investigators say 100 shots were fired near Caldwell Street and East 9th Street.

Investigators later recovered a black SUV, a high-powered rifle and a number of cellphones that are now being examined for evidence.

“In general, detectives will talk to anyone that they believe is pertinent to the investigation,” said Estes.

The song list on the new Young Dolph Album includes titles like, “100 shots,” “In Charlotte,” and “But I’m Bulletproof.”

Estes said he doesn’t think Dolph is taunting police.

“I take it more as a taunt towards potential victims out there.”

Some local DJs have speculated that the shooting was a publicity stunt.

An official of the CIAA has said the incident was not directly related to the tournament.

Deputy Chief Estes said that what matters most is the lives that were put in danger.

“In this case, you have families sitting in their houses and here comes rounds through the wall, barely missing people.”