CHARLOTTE, N.C. – With the holiday shopping season in full swing, police want you to know there are ways to try and avoid encounters with criminals while crossing items off your list.

“Quickly pace to my care and make sure I lock my door as soon as I get in,” said one shopper.

But in some cases, little can be done. On Tuesday, police responded to a disturbance inside SouthPark Mall. According to a police report, the suspect exposed himself to two Dillard’s employees.

“What people do anymore these days, it doesn’t surprise me,” said another shopper.

At the Walmart on North Tryon Street, there was a report of a man exposing himself to a child on Wednesday. The alleged incident happened in broad daylight around 3 p.m.

Both are unsettling reminders to remain vigilant this holiday season.

“Understanding and keeping eye contact with what’s around you and where you’re at,” said a police spokesperson.

Police have not made any arrests in connection with either case.