BEAVERTON, Ore. – Investigators found human remains in a fire pit at a Beaverton woman's home on Tuesday. Police say the woman's son admitted to burning her body in the pit.

The investigation began Monday afternoon when police were asked to check on 57-year-old Katherine F. McDowell at her home at 11525 SW 11th Street.

Beaverton police said when they initially investigated McDowell's whereabouts, her son, 24-year-old Matthew Gutierrez, said he burned his mother's body in the backyard fire pit.

"He burned his mom's body. That's all he would say," said Officer Bryan Dalton with Beaverton police.

Gutierrez was then arrested for abuse of a corpse. Officers checked the fire pit and saw what they believed to be bones.

On Tuesday, police searched the home after obtaining a warrant. Officers confirmed human remains were in the pit and police believe they are McDowell's remains.

"Hopefully the medical examiner and forensic pathologist will be able to extract some DNA to confirm that it is (McDowell)," said Dalton.

An investigation is ongoing.