CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Assistant District Attorney says a South Mecklenburg High School English teacher preyed on students at his after-school study group he hosted at his home.

According to police, 28-year-old Juan Vazquez began hosting study groups at his home for seven of his students in January. Investigators say those study groups quickly evolved into the place for sex crimes.

Vazquez is accused of performing sex acts on two of the teens, one of them more than once. Police say the teacher also took a picture of one of the teen's private parts.

One of the students in the study group reported the alleged crimes to school administrators last week after Vazquez allegedly made lewd comments to him at school about his privates and propositioned him for a threesome.

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The student claims Vazquez promised to give him an "A" in class if he engaged in sex acts with him. Police also believe he showed pornography to four of the students in the group. On another occasion, Vazquez is accused of hosting massage circles, where the students sat in just their underwear.

Records show Vazquez has been an English and literature teacher at South Meck since the 2013-2014 school year.

Pictures on his social media account show him posing at prom with several students this past weekend. Vazquez is currently on paid leave.

According to police, he was instructed not to have any contact with any of the students involved in the case. Authorities claim, however, that Vazquez sent a Snapchat message to one of the students telling him to "do me right," implying he wanted the student to cover for him.

Police confiscated Vazquez's cell phone.

On Thursday, a judge ordered that Vazquez remain behind bars on a $165,000 bond. He faces six charges including "sex offenses" and "indecent liberties" with his students.