CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Black South Charlotte couple found a message of hate scrawled on their driveway of the South Charlotte home they've lived in for 18 years early Friday morning.

"Until you walk our walk, you won't know how we feel," said Tokunbo Ayodele.

Ayodele says she feels uneasy in her Red Mape Drive home for the first time in two decades. She says she and her husband, a pediatrician raised their children there and never expected to wake up to what she saw spray painted on her driveway this morning. The message read, "Trump Get Out N******."

"In 18 years, I never felt not wanted in this community," she said. "And today, I don't want to doubt my neighbors, but it is difficult. It is a sad day in this community," Ayodele declared.

Ayodele's neighbor Bonnie Wallsh says she was equally disturbed by the message.

"I was repulsed, I started physically shaking," she said. "It's Blacks today, it could be Muslims, Jews, Catholics, what's next," Wallsh asked.

The Ayodeles came to the United States from Nigeria more than twenty years ago. She says the thought we had moved beyond this type of hate.

"We had progressed, but we have regressed," she declared. "After 18 years of being safe and someone want to throw it at me that I'm a N*****. Myself and my husband, we have a practice. We are employers of labor in this country. We haven't taken advantage of this country. Rather, we have contributed," she said.

Ayodele says as disturbing as the message is, she has no plans to remove it.

"Till the rain washes it away," she said. "We have to leave it and let people see maybe that will help the community, because it's not who we are," Ayodele asserted.

She says she doesn't know who did this to her home, but she is praying for them. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has been notified about this incident. No arrests have been made.