CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A series of violent acts are all linked to domestic violence and are all under investigation. Two of those incidents ended in the death of a victim. The other one was involving a police officer who’s accused of strangling and assault and assaulting his girlfriend.

All of these horrible crimes have the attention of Carolina legislators who are working to make domestic violence homicides a more serious crime.

The latest case happened on Hubbard Point Drive in Charlotte on Monday morning when a man stabbed a woman to death in what police are calling a domestic situation.

Late Monday afternoon, police identified the victim as Marcella Thrash. Her death marks 28 homicides in Charlotte this year; 11 of them involving domestic violence.

Now, state lawmakers are taking a stand with a new bill.

Neighbors on Hubbard Point Drive woke up to sirens on Monday morning. The homicide investigation shook people in the neighborhood.

“It kind of keeps me on my toes as a gun advocate,” one neighbor said.

The issue of domestic violence affects a whole community, even CMPD is not immune. On the same day, police investigated a man stabbing a woman on Hubbard Point Drive, their own officer was in court for a different domestic violence case. Kevin Marin facing several charges, including trying to strangle his girlfriend.  She survived, but police say Leroy Cooper’s victim did not, in yet another domestic violence case in court on Monday.

Meanwhile, a new bill would allow jurors to consider a repeat offenders history when considering a first-degree murder verdict.

NBC Charlotte previously spoke to Karen Parker, president of Safe Coalition, about the patterns of domestic violence.  She says it includes insults and put downs, micromanaging money, and tracking someone’s whereabouts.

“You may not recognize you know someone who’s a victim, because if you know more than four women you probably know someone who has been a victim or is a victim,” Parker said.

Charlotte is now paying a high cost for its 28th murder of the year, 11 of them from domestic violence.

Police say they have a person of interest in custody in the latest homicide case. At this point, they are not looking for any other suspects.