CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Following a series of armed robberies in Charlotte’s trendy South End neighborhood, an apartment complex issued a warning letter to residents.

Using the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s crime mapping tool, NBC Charlotte found at least five armed robberies in the past week all within one mile of each other.

Residents are on alert and are fearful they could be a target.

“Scared,” said Kelly Yarnell. “That’s very scary.”

“Makes me a little nervous,” said Kristen Mulgrew. “Coming from New York, I’m no stranger to walking outside alone at night, but still I moved here and don’t want to hear about armed robberies.”

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The Ashton South End Apartments sent out an email alerting residents. It read in part:

“This is an unfortunate reminder that crime can happen anywhere and at any time."

In recent weeks, in a two-mile radius from the Ashton complex, CMPD's crime mapping tool shows dozens of crimes.

For 27-year-old Thadd Burns, a quick walk home suddenly turned into an armed robbery.

"This guy came up behind me and put a gun in my chest, and said give me whatever valuables you have on you," said Burns. "At that point pretty much just told me to get down on the ground, pushed me down, told me to look away."