CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The FBI is investigating after a stun gun disguised as a cell phone was found on a flight to Charlotte, tucked under a seat.

The American airlines plane from San Francisco landed at a secure area at Charlotte Douglas Sunday after a passenger noticed the weapon.

“I’m freaking out. I mean wow,” traveler Georgia Fox exclaimed upon hearing the news.

“That sends chills through you. That's crazy, that's real scary.”

Scary, that a stun gun disguised as a cell phone somehow ended up on a flight full of people.

“If something like that gets through, you’re just wondering what else is getting through the system,” traveler Betsy Fasia said.

FBI officials released the following statement:

“The FBI and the CMPD responded to Charlotte Douglas International Airport the evening of July 30,2017, when a request was made for law enforcement assistance by American Airlines. During a flight from San Francisco to Charlotte, a passenger noticed an odd item underneath a seat. Out of an abundance of caution, when the plane landed it was sent to a hotspot area of the airport and the passengers were deplaned. The plane was checked by a K9 and bomb squad members. A stun gun disguised to look like a cell phone was removed from the plane. An investigation is ongoing at this time, no additional information can be released per Department of Justice policy.”

Stun guns disguised as phones are not unusual, you can buy one online for less than $20. But TSA officials say they certainly are not allowed on airplanes.

“That's what worries me especially as a mom,” Fasia said. “I have three kids and when we travel I'm nervous every single time I get on the plane.”

Many travelers now asking the same question. “How did I get through other than it looks like a cell phone?” Fox asked.

As of Friday, almost a week later, we still don’t know. Officials have not released any more information, or announced any arrests.

No one was injured.