A 3-day long manhunt spanning multiple states came to an end on Tuesday after Steve Stephens took his own life, following a police chase in Erie, Pennsylvania.

On Tuesday night, we got our first look at new video, showing that chase, as police took off after Stephens.

Surveillance video outside two businesses: a funeral home and Denny's Service Center captured the white Ford Fusion, moments before Stephens stopped.

Tips came from California and Texas, but this all ended ended 110 miles away from where it began. And while the suspected Facebook killer is dead, the theories of how he evaded police and stayed hidden are very much alive.

The long road to justice, ended in the drive thru line at McDonalds. It's 11:10 a.m. and Stephens, on the run for nearly 48 hours, was hungry.

He orders his Chicken McNuggets and fries, the attendant at window number one (the pay window) recognized the car and driver. Then, the plan to stall him at window number two is on.

It would be an opportunity to notify the Pennsylvania State Police, who in minutes would swarm the lot and trigger a chase.

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The Buffalo Road chase was small and short: 4 cruisers…less than two miles…ending with Stephens boxed in.

The 37-year-old put a pistol to his head, squeezed the trigger, and ended, in dramatic fashion both a nationwide manhunt…and his life.

Tuesday evening with his body believed to still be inside, that white Ford rolled out, as new questions roll in.

State police say the puzzle pieces are already coming together and will more quickly in the next few hours.

But much of those 45 hours that Steve Stephens spent as the hunted may never be known….questions like…who helped him?…where did he stay?….and how did he get from Cleveland to Erie undetected?

The one thing that was not done: more attacks.

The suspected Facebook murderer is dead, leaving behind new questions about mental health, social media, and 21st century crime.

Then there's the matter of that $50,000 dollar FBI reward. It's unclear if that will go to the McDonalds worker. We may never know. The FBI says they do not reveal who the recipients are of such award.

Here is Chris Tye's Facebook Live video from the McDonalds in Harborcreek Township where Stephens was spotted: