CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There is new information about the cold-blooded murder.

Police arrested and charged two men with killing a 7-Eleven employee during an armed robbery. Investigators say the suspects shot the man even though he complied with their demands.

Now, those same men are also facing charges for a restaurant robbery in Fort Mill, S.C. The Fort Mill robbery took place two weeks before the deadly 7-Eleven shooting.

Treyvonte Lockhart (Photo: CMPD)
Geoffrey Ford (Photo: CMPD)

Police say 29-year-old Treyvonte Lockhart was the getaway driver and 44-year-old Geoffrey Ford pulled the trigger. RELATED: 7-Eleven employee shot, killed in SW CharlotteHowever, investigators still don’t know why it ended the way it did.“I knew him (the employee) and it was very tough to see,” says Cpt. Chris Dozier of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Over the years, police say 55-year-old Khaled Elmerkabaoui would welcome them with open arms.“He was very gracious to us,” Cpt. Dozier said. “He gave us coffee when it was cold.”However, now it’s turned into a tragic goodbye. On December 9, Elmerkabaoui was gunned down inside the 7-Eleven where he worked. On Facebook, his wife posted a photo of him saying, “my love, I miss you so much”.“The detectives worked non-stop on this case,” Cpt. Dozier said. Now, two men have been charged in connection with his murder. Police say they first arrested Lockhart Tuesday morning, after a police pursuit into Concord. Then, Ford was taken into custody later the same day. “We believe Ford was the triggerman,” says Captain Dozier. Police believe Lockhart was the getaway driver. They say Elmerkabaoui was shot dead even though he did everything right.“The victim was fully compliant,” says Captain Dozier. Police say Elmerkabaoui had previously been the target of a robbery at the same store.“We don’t know why it ended up the way it did, it didn’t have to be that way,” Cpt. Dozier said. “It just speaks to the 'coldbloodedness ' of the suspect.”“To be able to make an arrest, in this case, was very special to me and very special to my guys,” Cpt. Dozier said.A judge denied bond to Lockhart on Wednesday. Ford’s expected to be in court on Thursday. Right now, police say they’re investigating whether the men are responsible for more crimes.