SHELBY, N.C. -- A spike in gun thefts over the holiday weekend has police on alert. Suspects have been caught on camera breaking into businesses and going after guns.

Now dozens of stolen firearms are on the streets in the hands of hardened criminals.

"They were well rehearsed," said Keith Queen, a co-owner American Tactical Pawn. "They knew where to go and where to cut."

It was a holiday heist caught on camera. Two brazen burglars reached new heights as they robbed American Tactical Pawn.

"The two intruders cut through the roof and dropped in this area right here when they came into the building," said Queen.

Once the robbers were inside they went after the new, more expensive guns. With baseball bats, they smashed the glass to two gun cases and stuffed their duffel bags full of firearms. In less than 60 seconds, the crooks went back up the way came in through the ceiling.

Officials say this was one of several gun store grab and go's over the extended holiday weekend. Two Gastonia gun shops were also hit.

"We were told by the ATF agent that there were two more east of here and one south of here," said Queen.

The bad guys are still at large, so if anyone has any information that could help investigators please call the Shelby Police Department or the Cleveland County Crime Stoppers Hotline.