CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Thieves are targeting popular retail stores; their eyes now on Victoria’s Secret.

Police say there have been two major thefts over the past week at the same store on Rea Road. That involved thousands of dollars stolen in just minutes.

NBC Charlotte is learning that the latest incidents are part of a larger string of crimes associated with Victoria’s Secret.

It’s no secret anymore: Victoria’s Secret is a target for thieves.

“I don’t like it because when they steal, it makes all the prices go up on everything,” says one shopper.

Police reports show more than 20 incidents at Victoria’s Secret store on Rea Road since the beginning of 2016. It ranges from breaking and entering to shoplifting and even aggravated assault.

“I’m here to deter any shoplifters coming,” says Saleem Akbar, a security guard at the Blakeney Shopping Center.

According to police reports, the latest incidents involve a breaking and entering case with thieves stealing $1,000 of merchandise on Thursday at the store on Rea Road. On Monday, there was a shoplifting case at the same store with suspects taking more than $1,000 of bras and perfume.

“I look for people looking nervous, people who look like they don’t belong,” says Akbar.

Numerous other Victoria’s Secret stores have been targeted over the past year. In October, Rock Hill Police posted video of suspects filling up bags with items. In July, bras and underwear were stolen from a Gastonia location. In April 2016, police say thieves took more than $3,000 worth of merchandise from the store in SouthPark Mall.

“It’s not fair to the companies and the people who shop there for people to just steal things,” says the shopper.

Police say no arrests have been made in the latest cases.