LINCOLNTON, N.C. -- Following an undercover investigation, Lincoln County Sheriff's Office charged three people for selling drugs.

The three individuals were brought to the Narcotics Unit's attention from completing 'transactions' in various locations in the southern and eastern part of Lincoln County, including in business parking lots. This initiated a six-month investigation, detectives say.

Detectives encountered two people who resided at a home they were given tips to on Springs East Road. A heavily breathing woman arrived after the detectives. When questioned, she said she had been walking up the road, however, they later learned she had run next door to alert two people the detectives were looking for with warrants.

The detectives went next door and found the two wanted individuals hiding. They were taken into custody along with the heavily breathing woman.

Another subject wanted for selling methamphetamine was found at a trailer on Jess Monroe Drive in Catawba County.

A fifth person was charged when detectives found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in her apartment.

The individuals charged are Alvin Jack Johnson, 37, Jennifer Hayes Johnson, 34, Charles Danny Brown, 43, Angela Rene Martin, 29, and Haley Kristin Gantt, 28.

Jennifer Hayes Johnson (Photo: Lincoln County Sheriff's Office)
Alvin Jack Johnson (Photo: Lincoln County Sheriff's Office)