CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The victim in an alleged armed kidnapping attempt says she thought the man just wanted directions. Instead, he pulled out a gun.

The 31-year-old woman went out for a morning jog on the Fourth of July on Dixie River Road in Charlotte when she says she noticed a car pull up beside her.

"I stopped as well because I thought they were asking me for driving directions," the woman, who asked not to be identified, says. "Instead he was asking me to get in the car."

The woman says she refused to get in the car.

"But then he showed a gun and pointed it at me and said he was counting to five, and asked me to get in the car,"

The woman refused again, asking him why he was targeting her.

She says the man then asked her for $5, which she did not have.

That's when she claims the man pointed the gun again and cocked it in her direction.

"It was terrifying, of course, because it was the first time it happened to me," she says.

The woman claims while she was standing there with her hands up, a passerby noticed what was happening and asked if she was okay.

That person called 911. The woman then was able to get away, but so was the suspect.

Police say, just one hour before that altercation, an almost identical attack happened 9 miles away on York Road.

A massive manhunt ensued. Charlotte Mecklenburg Police dedicated 'countless' resources by land, air, and sea to the search, relying on assistance from several other agencies.

A short while into the search, police recovered the car the suspect was believed to be driving: a champagne-colored Mercedes. The vehicle was hidden and burned in a wooded area off of Performance Drive.

Police have a limited description of the suspect: Hispanic male, 20's or 30's, light skin, straight, dark hair.

"What is more terrifying is that the person, to my knowledge, is not found yet so he is still around," the victim says. "I guess that is the scariest thing out of everything."