CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A local woman described the terrifying moment she was robbed at the SouthPark Mall.

It happened during the day when the parking garage was full. It's just the latest crime to happen at the south Charlotte shopping center.

"All of the sudden I hear someone say don't [expletive] move," said Talia Breeze.

Shoppers say this is unnerving because right now people are already starting their holiday shopping. That means more families with children at malls - and there are more chances for criminals to take advantage.

"Came out of my car like a regular day," said Breeze.

Breeze wanted to go shoe shopping at the SouthPark. Sadly, she never made it inside.

"My life isn't worth $200," said Breeze. "(They said) 'Give me the money out your purse. Don't [expletive] move.' You know at that point in time your life is in danger."

Talia was robbed on a parking deck before she went into Belk. The suspect got off with a couple hundred bucks. That incident is just one of at least five crimes committed at the South Park Mall in two weeks.

The mall had this response in part about the recent rise in crime.

"SouthPark is committed to providing a safe, quality-shopping environment. This includes a 24-hour active patrol of the center lots, use of CCTV, use of Segways and escorts to vehicles upon request."

Nonetheless, frequent mall-goers are questioning the mall's safety. On the social media site NextDoor, one person wrote they're concerned with lack of security at the mall parking decks.

"Shocked first of all and kind of scared," said a shopper.

Earlier in the year, another woman was assaulted and robbed of $27,000 worth of valuables. The suspect got away with a diamond ring, an iPhone, credit cards, cash and keys to her car.

"You just don't think it's going to happen to you," said Jill Tucker, who frequently shops at SouthPark.