CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Police have arrested a pet sitter they say illegally sold a Charlotte woman’s dogs, but the owner still does not know where her puppies are.

“I consider them my children,” said Ekemini Udoh, owner of sister poodle mixes Bella and Rosie.

“If your kid was missing, there's nothing you wouldn't do to get them back, and that's all I want. I just want Rosie and Bella back.”

Udoh says when she had to go to the hospital unexpectedly back in October, she trusted a pet sitter she found on Craigslist with Rosie and Bella.

She says that pet sitter, who was going by the fake name “Jarred”, blocked her number, sold her dogs, and fled.

She later learned his real name was Barry Sharpe. While Udoh was in the hospital, Sharpe was posting ads all over the internet trying to sell the dogs.

A warrant for pet theft was put out for Sharpe, and he was finally arrested Tuesday night. But police still don’t know who has the dogs now.

Just this week, Udoh got a call from someone who said they were the ones who bought Bella and Rosie.

“He was like ‘we bought these dogs for our daughter, and we wanted to see if we could work things out so that you could let us keep the dogs,’” she said.

“And I was like, 'no, that’s not going to happen. I want my dogs back.'”

She says the man, who called from a blocked number, then refused to return the dogs.

“I started crying on the phone with him and I said, 'please just give me my dogs back,'” she recalled.

That’s when the mystery caller hung up. They never called back.

“It was just so devastating being that close to your babies but also so far away.”

Now Udoh is praying that the family who has Bella and Rosie finds the heart to return them.

“This is such incredible pain,” she said. “I just can’t do it. Please, please bring them back.”

Police are looking for whoever has the dogs.