GASTONIA, N.C. -- Police are searching for a man they say tried to rob a woman at gunpoint at an ATM in Gastonia. The woman wasn't injured and was able to get away with all of her money, but police say this is starting to become a pattern.

A woman at the Speedway in Gastonia found herself in a scary situation last week when she came to get some money out of the ATM outside.

"She was suddenly being confronted by a guy with a gun," said Donna Lahser, public information officer for Gastonia Police.

Lahser is referring to a man captured on surveillance pictures. Authorities say he tried to get money from the woman.

"She was able to speed off," Lahser said. "She did not lose any money, wasn't injured."

They're still searching for the suspect who they say left in a car right after, and this is just one example of a dangerous situation taking place at an ATM. Several others have happened in our area, and around the country.

A woman was actually carjacked at an ATM in Texas. She was forced into the trunk and the man drove off. There have also been ATM robberies in Rock Hill and in Lancaster. Lahser says being at an ATM, where you're going to have money on you makes you a more appealing target and you need to be aware of your surroundings.

"If you are not comfortable with something or if something looks suspicious to you, don't walk in the middle of it," Lahser said. "Just leave, come back at another time. It's a personal safety issue."