Simsbury, CT -- Rescuers were able to help a deer stuck in a Bambi-like predicament for hours on Monday afternoon, unfortunately, Tuesday, the deer had to be put down.

According to NBC Connecticut, the deer was euthanized by a local veterinarian after observing that the female deer hadn't moved much since the rescue.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says the vet determined the deer had suffered a broken shoulder and jaw and other injuries.

Coyotes chased the female deer onto the ice where she fell into the water. Mark Rudewicz, an animal control officer in Simsbury, said the deer managed to crawl out of the partially-frozen lake, but it' was unable to navigate the icy conditions.

Live NBC News video from the scene showed the small deer struggling to move before settling down in a 4-way split.

After several hours of attempting to escape, the deer appeared to be exhausted. Rudewicz said he hoped she would rest, regain her strength, and escape.

Eventually, volunteers with an animals rescue group were able to haul her up onto the river bank using ropes and towels.

"Human emotion is, you know, you want to rescue it. There's that humane component. It's an animal, we're here to help everyone," Rudewicz told NBC Connecticut on scene.

The deer could be seen stumbling around in the snowy forest near the lake before laying down.