MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The sun will disappear next month, but it’s not going to be the end of the world.

The so-called Great American Eclipse will track across 12 states next month. It’s the first total solar eclipse to happen in America since 1979, and the first in 99 years to cross all the away from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic.

American Paper Optics is the largest manufacturer of 3D glasses in the world, and they’re making a product that will help people safely see the eclipse.

“One of the paper glasses that we manufacture are safe solar eclipse glasses to allow you to view all of the partial phases as it happens,” said American Paper Optics CEO John Jerit.

APO also makes glasses for toys, games, puzzles, and magazines. But for the last two years, they’ve been gearing up for the launch of a special edition of eclipse shades.

“Fifty percent of the proceeds are donated to St. Jude and you can use these glasses to go out and watch the eclipse as it’s happening,” Jerit said.

The artwork of the glasses is inspired by St. Jude patient. Jerit said it is about shining a light on St. Jude during the solar eclipse experience.

A 10-pack of the glasses will cost $20. To learn more about the glasses, click here.