CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Charlotte elementary school teacher is banning the fidget spinners but as an alternative, she is allowing her students to have a toe-tapping good time.

In Cecilia Radmard's second grade classroom at Briarwood Academy, you'll find kids sitting on the floor, bouncing on yoga balls, shifting in wobbly stools and tapping oversized rubber bands.

"The kids were flopping out of their seats, they were moving and they were moving no matter what," Radmard said. "So I thought, okay, well, if they're gonna move, I'm gonna have them move in a way that it's gonna be conducive to their learning, and it's gonna make it so that they can give me more of their attention."

This school year, Radmard set up her classroom with all sorts of alternative seating options. Each morning, children choose the seat that helps them do their best work.

Her favorite option: the bouncy bands. The bands strap across the bottom of a standard chair and allow a student to bounce, tap, and slide their feet.

"It really keeps their feet busy so their eyes and ears can be on me," Radmard said.

Radmard got on a crowdfunding site and requested the new seating options. She says she was fed up after she spent much of last school year confiscating fidget spinners.

"Ugh! The dreaded fidget spinners," she said. "They were here every single day. They were out when I was teaching... They're extremely distracting in the classroom."

Radmard said since the introduction of bouncy bands and the other alternative seating, her students are more engaged than she's ever seen a group of 7 and 8-year-olds.

"I have their attention for so much longer," she said. "They can choose what actually works best for them. It really has made a difference in their scores and their growth."