CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. -- The father of a Cleveland County elementary school student is calling for the resignation of an assistant principal after he said his 7-year-old son's name was placed on another student's kill list.

He said officials failed to notify him and when called the school, he claims the assistant principal tried to quote, "sweep it under the rug."

Andrew Monas said his 7-year-old son, who attends Washington Elementary School near Shelby, was riding a bus home Thursday afternoon when a 9-year-old girl approached him and told him that he was on her "kill list."

Monas said when the little girl got off the bus, his son reported the incident to the bus driver, who then notified the school.

Monas said he was in the dark and heard nothing of it until Friday afternoon.

"I got a call from a family friend saying there's something wrong with my son," he said. "There's an issue that he looks like he's about to cry so I called up there to see what was going on about 12 p.m."

At that time, Monas said the school's assistant principal explained what had happened.

"I asked her, 'did she call the police?' she said no," Monas said. "I asked her if she was going to call me, she said no and then started backpedaling and said, 'I was planning on calling you, I just got busy.'"

The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office said the school's resource officer investigated and eventually determined the threat wasn't real.

"There was no indication during the investigation that there were any names or anything on it," said Cleveland County Sheriff's Office Captain Jon Wright. "Just scribblings."

Wright insists the school takes these threats seriously.

"I mean they look at those kids as their own kids," Wright said. "Those resource officers take full ownership of their schools and they think of those kids as their own."

The girl's case has been sent to a juvenile justice center but Monas said not only does he feel the school mishandled the situation, he's afraid how they'll react to those threats in the future.

"Scared to even let him go to school," Monas said. "I mean, this day and age, no threat should be an idle threat. And that little girl is still at school, still riding the bus."

"At least she should do is get suspended," he added.

The girl's alleged threat remains under investigation.