CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There is heated reaction from parents over the controversial new plan to change where CMS students go to school.

For the first time, parents got to share their thoughts at a public meeting at Sedgefield Elementary School on Monday night.

NBC Charlotte spoke to parents who disagreed about the plan, but they agreed about how the process was handled during the meeting. They say school leaders didn’t leave enough time for questions.

“I think people are terrified,” says one parent.

Following Monday night’s meeting, parents raised questions about the quality of the new potential school for their children.

“Sedgefield Middle in particular, from everything we can read it’s a “D”, “F” school,” says the parent.

At the same time, parents also gave an unofficial grade to Monday night’s meeting.

“I just wish they could have spent a little more time on what parents want to hear, our opinions and asking questions,” says another parent.

It’s in response to the new CMS reassignment plant impacting hundreds of students. Specifically, those at Dilworth Elementary and Alexander Graham moving to Sedgefield schools.

“Taking us from a really school at AG and switching, I want to hear a plan” a parent told NBC Charlotte.

However, other parents supported the new CMS plan.

“I think this a great proposal,” says another parent.

“A lot of times people are against change because of the unknown,” said a man who attended the meeting.

However, even some who supported the plan say school leaders should have answered more detailed questions.

“I thought it was going to be more questions and answers,” says a concerned parent.

“It just doesn’t feel like they want to hear our ideas,” says another parent.

There will be two more public hearings, before the school board votes on the issue.