CHARLOTTE, NC -- Adults can't have all the fun right? Hundreds of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Students cast their votes for President, Governor, and Senator Monday morning in a mock election put together by the non-profit GenerationNation.

The goal was to help young students understand the importance of elections and voting.

"It made me feel really good because us kids don't get to vote." said Nevaeh Joe, a student at Statesville Elementary.

"Why we vote is for freedom." added classmate Elijah Samel.

"It allows them to know that they have to start taking ownership now." said Melissa Miller, a teacher participating in the mock election. "The children learn the decisions they make now will help them in the future."

Because the students voted by computer, they were able to learn the results right away. Miss Miller encouraged her kids to follow along to see the results from North Carolina and the rest of the country to see how their school compared.

Tuesday, November 8th, is Election Day.