CHARLOTTE, N.C. --Tuesday night marks a major step forward for the controversial plan to change where hundreds of CMS students go to school. 

For the first time, concerned parents will have a chance to voice their concerns at a public hearing in front of the school board.

It comes just a couple weeks before the school board votes on the issue.

At the previous public feedback sessions, there have been a lot of parents, with some saying they've gotten little attention.

"Once again neglected, neglected by our city leaders," says one parent.

NBC Charlotte spoke to that parent at Pinewood Elementary school, which was one in a series of meetings at local schools to deal with concerns about the CMS reassignment plan.

The process shifts Tuesday night to the full school board in its first public hearing on the issue. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at The Government Center.

One parent NBC Charlotte spoke to is now highlighting concerns in the Montclaire area.

"If you look on the boundary it’s one little tiny pocket, everybody else has their great schools they’re going to within their boundaries, we are one small pocket being shipped across the city, it makes no sense and we are not being heard," she said.

However, other parents are giving CMS leaders credit for transparency on the complex issue.

"They've been great in giving that information out and giving us an opportunity to express," said one parent.

"I feel better, I definitely feel better," said another parent after attending a public feedback session.

Ahead of Tuesday night's meeting, parents are asked to sign up to speak by calling 980-343-5139  or by coming early and signing up on location.

The school board will have a second public hearing on May 24th. That's when the board will vote on the issue.