CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There are new questions and concerns from parents over a proposed plan to change where hundreds of students in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system will be enrolled starting next year. 

Wednesday morning, parents packed into the gym at Dilworth Elementary School, where school leaders addressed the issue.

School leaders were passing out maps of the new boundaries for parents. However, some parents say all the information is a lot to take in such a short time. Now, they’re calling for a delay.

Moms were debating the maps, next to dads calling for a pause to the plan.

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“I just want to delay this vote,” says parent Ron Sodoma.

“This was 18 months of research that was given to us 10 days ago, so we need time,” said another parent.

It comes just weeks before the school board votes on proposed changes to where hundreds of CMS students go to school. That includes at Dilworth Elementary, where students would be moving to Sedgefield Schools.

“I feel pretty positive but it’s just a little fast,” says another parent.

“Our neighborhood is being asked to carry the burden of other neighborhoods,” says Sodoma.

In the public hearing, Superintendent Ann Clark addressed the issue of delaying a vote, saying it would also delay getting needed resources to Sedgefield schools.

“We would be losing out on a summer where we could be providing that targeted professional development,” said Superintendent Clark.

For some parents, the geography itself causes the biggest concerns.

“I never thought in a million years that as a walker, I live two blocks away, that this would be taken away,” says one parent.

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“We just want to look out our door and see our kids play and know what school they’re going to,” says Sodoma.

A CMS spokesman says the district is looking at scheduling another public hearing in the evening for Dilworth schools, but nothing has been officially decided.

The school board is expected to vote on the reassignment plan on May 24.

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