CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The deadline for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools' board to vote on a controversial student assignment plan is only a week away.

The CMS board is scheduled to vote on their student assignment plan Wednesday, May 24. Even though the clock is ticking, parents continue to voice their concerns.

Parents and CMS officials gathered Tuesday evening for a special CMS session. Despite being three hours long, the session changed very little.

Superintendent Dr. Anne Clark said she welcomed input from parents Tuesday and would consider their ideas, but stopped short of making any concrete changes to the existing proposals.

The assignment plan impacts some 75 schools and over 7,000 students in the district.

More than 2,000 people have sounded off at local community meetings regarding the assignment plan within the last two weeks.

Some parents say they're worried their kids would get transferred from a high performing school to a lower performing school. They want the board to wait on approving the plan next Wednesday.

"Our stance has been to ensure an excellent education is available to all students everywhere within the district because that is the CMS mission," one concerned parent said. "If CMS is failing on their mission, they need to fix that."