YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- When the main courtroom in the York County Courthouse reopened earlier this month, something was missing: a Confederate flag and pictures of Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

The removal of the items by York County Clerk David Hamilton has resulted in outrage from Confederate flag supports like Kirk Carter, who is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

"We have to stand up," says Carter. "The clerk of the court is breaking the law," he added. "The general legislator passed the Heritage Act in 2000 and that was to protect these historical items from being moved."

York County Clerk David Hamilton did not respond to a message left by NBC Charlotte.

Carter and the Sons of Confederate Veterans are protesting the removal of the items on Saturday, with three-hundred confederate flag supporters showing up to the York County Courthouse.

While some see the flag as heritage, others see it as offensive.

"I know that the Confederate flag is historic but it symbolizes hate," says Corine Mack, president of the Charlotte NAACP.

Mack wants to change the focus in this debate, from "us versus them" to "we the people."

"We're not just the South and the North, we are American," says Mack. "That's the flag I suggest we fly."

Mack says no counter-protest has been planned by the NAACP.