YORK, SC -- Protestors began marching outside York Technical College late Friday morning to protest the Sons of Confederate Veterans conference being held at the campus.

Thursday night, NAACP leaders held a rally to invite protesters to join forces but at the same time, remain peaceful.

The protesters’ big objection is the fact that the SCV will be bringing Confederate flag memorabilia with them on York Tech campus Friday for the group's annual conference.

SCV leaders say they will bring Confederate flags to their conference at York tech this weekend, but agreed to keep it all inside the private event.

Local NAACP leaders organized protests outside the two-day event. They say they expect 500 to 1000 people.

“It’ll send a message out that this is no place for division that we need to be united in our community,” said Adrienne White, who plans to attend the protests.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans have repeatedly defended their right to organize and display the flag.

“That flag represents all confederate soldiers and their families both black and white,” SCV commander Leland Summers said.

NAACP leaders addressed the crowd Thursday urging a peaceful protest, even expressing concern that outside agitators might come and try to incite violence.

Both the police and fire departments are on campus to monitor things through the weekend. Meanwhile, classes have been canceled Friday.