A family and an airline are at odds over an apparent dispute that stranded two adults and three children far from home in July.

According to NBC News, Tamir Raanan and Mandy Ifrah said they were given no explanation despite multiple requests for one as they were deplaned from a JetBlue flight from Fort Lauderdale to New York City back in June.

However, they don't believe any explanation they could give would have made the airline's actions appropriate. Prior to departing, Ifrah said her youngest daughter, who was in her lap, began to kick the seat in front of her.

That's when Ifrah said the passenger in that seat made rude comments and moved to an empty seat next to her. She said the situation didn't escalate but before the airliner could take off, a Jet Blue security officer approached her and asked the entire family to leave the flight.

The moments that followed were filmed by Raanan in two separate videos. The first shows that they continued to ask for an explanation for being forced to get off the aircraft but weren't given an answer as the security personnel continued to insist that they leave.

The second video shows moments after the family is escorted off the Jet Blue flight. At this point, Ifrah is crying and asking about how she will get her children's items and how they will get back to New York City.

NBC News reports that the entire aircraft was emptied of passengers and Broward Sheriff's Office deputies were brought in to try and calm the couple down. The deputies also escorted the family to baggage claim as the other passengers re-boarded. Authorities with the department told NBC that they were only at the location as peace keepers and that no law was broken by the family.

Ifrah also said that they were told they would be booked on a flight the following day but later learned that the family had been "blacklisted" from the airline until further notice.

However, JetBlue has responded to the family's allegations in a statement released on Wednesday to NBC News. The company claims that the removal came after a "verbal altercation that included physical threats and profanities" against another traveler. The company adds that the customers refused repeated requests and the entire aircraft was forced to deplane. The family was escorted out and provided a refund.

JetBlue also denies that the children were the reason for the incident. It also thanked its crew members for their professional handling of the situation.

The family's attorney denied much of this except that they did refuse to deplane without explanation. Ifrah also told NBC that she did not use profanity and wouldn't do so in front of her children.

They are now considering a lawsuit against the airline.

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