Thirty-five-year-old Lance Buckley dialed 911 Thursday morning reporting three murders and a suicide, a Stafford County Sheriff’s spokesperson said. He identified himself and then hung up.

Sheriff Deputies rushed to the home on Wilderness Court, with dispatchers calling the whole time, but it was too late.

Deputies discovered four bodies on the lower level: Buckley, his 30-year-old wife Amy, and his two little girls, 5-year-old Claire and 18-month-old Abigail.

Lance Buckley was involved in a bizarre disappearance in May 2015. He told his family he was going to Howard University to pick up his graduation packet but never returned. Police at the time said he had a gun with him.

Buckley was found three days later in a campground in Brunswick, Maryland, 30 miles from Howard’s D.C. campus.

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At the time of his disappearance, his family including his wife made emotional pleas to the public for his safe return but the happy reunion did not last long.

Relatives at the home did not want to talk to reporters, but we spoke to Deirdre Lightfoot who works at the local pediatrics office and would see mom and the two children often.

“I’ve been there a year and seen them eight or nine times,” she recalled. “If there was a cough, runny nose she would bring the kids in, she was very protective of the kids.”

“She was friendly but never smiles when she came in just wanted to make sure her babies were good,” Lightfoot said. “She loved those babies. She loved those kids.”

The Sheriff’s office will not disclose the cause of death or if a weapon was found at the home.

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Five-year-old Claire was a student at Rockhill Elementary School. A spokesperson for Stafford County Public Schools said grief counselors will help students and staff cope with the loss.