LAKE WYLIE, S.C. -- Water skiing has been a way to cool off and have fun on the water for decades, but did you know there’s a show ski team right here in the Carolinas?

The outfits, the pyramids, the jumps... all up for show in honor of the biggest holiday of the summer. The Carolina Show Ski Team welcomes the public to its Fourth of July show on Lake Wylie Tuesday afternoon at 1 p.m.

The team practices week nights on Lake Wylie, with over 30 members of all ages and skill levels. Each skier is an important part of each routine. From the jumps, to the ballet lines, to the intricate landings and arm movements. It’s a sport that dates back decades.

“I think people love the nostalgia of it,” says Rebecca Brusch, who got into show skiing after watching her parents as a kid. “A lot of people when they think of a water ski show, they think back to the 50s and 60s and the Cypress Gardens Water Ski shows and the poofy hair bonnets and the literal tutus that they would do ballet in.”

The team makes the outfits, raising money and accepting donations to fund it all and their equipment, but they promise, come to an event and you’ll never pay admission, including their show Tuesday on the Fourth of July.

Tyler Nguyen says its more than just about skiing. It’s about making friends and learning something new.

“I hang out with a lot of the guys on weekdays, weekends,” Nguyen says. “And when I go to new places, they see that I water ski and it always starts a conversation.”

If you love water skiing or want to learn how, the team holds practices and lessons weekly on Lake Wylie.