HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- The beloved and unusual "Cone Weed" is giving back to families in need.

The weed that grew inside a traffic cone, across the street from the Huntersville Fire Station #2 on Beatties Ford Road, has raised $14,600 for families in need.

The news comes just a day after the weed mysteriously vanished causing a brief moment of panic in the town. However, after NCDOT realized how loved the weed was, they returned everything that was removed.

The town of Huntersville has rallied around it's weed so much, that it was decorated as a Christmas tree, had a country song written in honor of it and had a dessert delivered to the firefighters in the shape of it.

Huntersville Fire began a fundraising campaign in the weed's theme seven days ago in hopes of helping local families in need. They said they sold over 950 shirts and raised a whopping $14,600.

"Our next step is to put this into action at our #ConeWeedGivesBack day on December 10," Huntersville Fire tweeted.