CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The uptown sky is set to light up Tuesday night with the SkyShow Charlotte fireworks display.

But the festivities begin long before sun down. It all starts Tuesday afternoon with a street festival, followed by a baseball game at BB&T Ballpark, then the fireworks to top it off.

“It’s very Americana,” says WBT Radio Marketing Director, Matt DuBois. “You know, what’s better than the Fourth of July and hot dogs and fireworks and baseball?”

The streets surrounding Romare Bearden Park will transform into a street festival Tuesday at 2 p.m. and will go until 10 p.m. There will be food trucks, music, drinks and kids activities. At 6:05 the action moves into BB&T Ballpark, where USA plays Cuba, and to cap off the night, a huge show in the sky with fireworks from Pyro Shows.

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“Right now we’ve got 1200 out in these racks, and then we will have another two to three thousand that we will put out in these units that are going out on to the ground,” says Pyro Shows programmer, Russ Ellis.

But while you celebrate, CMPD warns they’ll be watching for anything suspicious.

“Unfortunately we have to be very mindful of specific behaviors and suspicious persons based on the amount of people that we see,” says CMPD Deputy Chief, Jeff Estes. “And so that’s the way we’re policing now, which is hypervigilance, people who are exhibiting any kind of suspicious behavior or carrying large bulky items.”

Since repealing the extraordinary event ordinance, CMPD says their focus is now turned more toward terrorism and suspicious activity at events like this, instead of restricting items.

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