Grandfather Mountain is welcoming some new residents and they need your help!

The nonprofit nature preserve has adopted three male elk, or a "bachelor herd", to reside in an all-new habitat. The preserve said after their white-tailed deer passed away early in 2017, they underwent renovations to accommodate the elk.

While the preserve has been busy preparing for their new residents, they haven't thought of names. That's why they're launching a naming contest.

"An online naming competition kicks off Friday, Nov. 17, in which contestants can submit name ideas for the three elk calves, along with a $3 donation ($1 per name), at Each submission should include three name suggestions, and entries are due by Dec. 4 (unless the deadline is extended)."

Grandfather Mountain said they encourage names related in context, like a famous trio (excluding "The Three Stooges" or anything political). Proceeds from the contest will directly benefit the elk themselves.