CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's that time of year.

The Christmas tree needs lights, the house needs decorations, and amateur holiday decorators are out in full force. But some get hurt in the process.

"The trick is, don't look at the ground, just look at the bulbs the whole time," said one landscaper.

Professional landscapers say this is their busy time. Some local nurseries charge well over $100 for a 7-foot fraser fir with delivery.

Some people think it's worth the cash to pay for things like delivery or light setup, while others opt to do it themselves, risks included.

But there are several things you can do to stay safe if you are thinking about climbing up a ladder.

"If you drop it, let it fall," said one landscaper. "Don't try to save anything."

Without fail, there are injuries, sometimes severe. Locally, MEDIC has a warning for holiday decorators.

"We do respond to those calls," said John Stroup with Medic. "The ladder will go one way and they'll go the other."

Every day, Medic responds to hundreds of calls, and officials said people falling always seems to come in the top five.

"Make sure your ladder secure, have someone spot for you, and don't lean," Stroup said.