JOHNSTON COUNTY, N.C. – A fatal wreck Tuesday afternoon killed an 11-year-old boy and injured five others on Interstate 40 near Benson.

Dwight Solomon, a truck driver who was behind the vehicles involved, witnessed the horrific crash as it happened.

“It was scary. I mean, it was right in front of me,” Solomon told WRAL. “As soon as it happened, I locked down the brakes and swerved over to the shoulder and jumped out of the truck with my fire extinguisher to try to help.”

Solomon said the burned SUV collided with another vehicle before slamming into a tractor-trailer. According to state troopers, the accident was caused when a driver made an illegal U-turn into the westbound lanes of traffic.

“Pretty much the whole front end disintegrated, parts went everything and it burst into flames immediately,” Solomon said.

Solomon said the driver of the SUV, identified as 32-year-old Angela Jones, was able to free herself from the flaming vehicle.

“She was able to open the door and roll out as I was running to the car, but she was on fire all over and I put her out,” he said.

Despite her serious injuries, Solomon said Jones was concerned about her son, who was trapped inside the vehicle. Solomon said he was hardly able to see 11-year-old Isiah Jones through the smoke and flames. He immediately tried to rescue him but was unable to get inside the vehicle.

“I keep second guessing, was there anything I could have done differently?” Solomon said. “I just hate that I couldn’t save that one boy that was in the back.”