(KXAN) Austin, Texas teenager Karinya Chen, well known after video of her bedside concert by musician Florence Welch -- of the band Florence and the Machine -- went viral, has died at age 15 after a six year battle with bone cancer.

Chen had a ticket to see the band when they played an Austin concert back in May, but she was too ill to attend. Hospice Austin organized the concert at Christopher House, where Chen was being treated. The four duets she sang with the lead singer went viral, with 1.5 million hits on YouTube.

"Honestly, I think the biggest thing is to not worry and fear," Karinya said in an interview five days before her death. "I tear up a little bit when I say that because it's hard fighting and it's a difficult thing every single day and just to get past every single day but you just have to remember that there's always tomorrow and if you take it one day at a time and just tell yourself don't worry and don't take things for granted and tell yourself that you are loved and you are blessed then it makes it a lot easier to fight."

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