YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- The bloodhounds may be cute -- like 2-year-old Bo -- but what they do for deputies at King's Mountain is serious business.

Dozens of bloodhounds like Bo received an important series of training in York County.

"Criminal-type situations of individuals jumping out of vehicles and taking off to try to evade the law enforcement," said deputy Lamar Bowen of Camden County, Ga.

Bloodhounds from agencies across several states are going through a week-long training in York County. tracking scents in different practice scenarios.

"Those skin rafts fall to the ground and create a gas and the dog smells the scene of that certain individual and continues to track them," Bowen said.

In the pursuit of a specific scent, the dogs might “check” everyone but they’ll pass them up.

And eventually, find the target.

"Your scent is basically somewhat like DNA," Bowen said. "Everybody’s scent is different.”

Bo is a little bit younger than the average working bloodhound. But his agency is pleased with the work that he’s doing.

“I would like to see him slow down," Bowen said. He is a very very eager to work. He loves his job.”