CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Hands On Charlotte has spent the past 14 years giving back to children in the Charlotte community by building playgrounds for schools that need them.

In 2016 alone, they’ve raised more $70,000 to build a new playground at Blythe Elementary School.

The school originally had the oldest playground in the district. Now, it will be brand new.

200 volunteers are working alongside 'Hands On Charlotte' to make it all happen.

"This really gives kids an opportunity they need to supplement their education and make them better physically fit and better able to learn," says Eric Law, the Executive Director of Hands on Charlotte.

Hands On Charlotte has partnered with the Charlotte Playground Committee to build the playground. Blythe students also got to have a say by helping to create the designs, colors and equipment they want to see.

"For them, it's really exciting to see all of the designs and the engineering that they got to come up with come to life and it's great for them to see how much the community cares about their education,” says 3rd grade teacher Audrey Sams.

The catch? The playground is built in only a day.

Blythe's new playground will be constructed Friday afternoon and ready to play on by Monday, thanks to volunteers from organizations around the Queen City.

"My parents have a couple nonprofit organizations and they've taught me to always give more than you take,” says volunteer Jake Pinocchio. “And this is just one example of doing that, so I think it's extremely important for community members to do that."