ROCK HILL, S.C. -- To most people, retirement is about relaxation, not raising a baby-- let alone a child with special needs, who must be monitored 24/7. But that’s the mission of a couple in Rock Hill, Marine veterans, who got a huge helping hand Tuesday.

James and Cindy Hufford live in a small apartment with the light of their lives, their 2-year-old grandson Ryley.

Riley was born with a rare genetic disorder. He can’t talk, sit, or eat on his own.

“One of the hallmarks of the Marine Corps is you protect the defenseless,” James said.

Ryley has to be watched every moment of every day.

James and Cindy got custody of him 18 months ago. Every day since, they have lived and slept in shifts.

“Sometimes you look in the mirror and you think I’m not sure who that person is who’s looking back,” James said. “Because you have the bags under your eyes and you’re tired, but you realize at the same time he’s totally dependent on you.”

But on Tuesday, relief came knocking.

Fort Mill-based nonprofit All Things Possible Ministries raised enough money to buy a $6,000 chair made just for Ryley that insurance wouldn’t cover. A chair that will make life much easier.

“Thank you, thank you,” Cindy said. “We appreciate it. Ryley appreciates it.”

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