MATTHEWS, N.C. -- Ronald Tain worked on airplanes during the Cold War as part of his duties in the Air Force; after that, he helped work on rockets in the Apollo Program.

All of that noise took its toll on Ronald's hearing, forcing him to miss out on group conversions and hearing his wife's voice from across the house.

To help her husband, Lorraine wrote an email to Beltone Hearing Aids' Deserving Veteran Campaign. Beltone then chose Ronald out of a nationwide search.

"Oh, I just feel so blessed," said Lorraine. "He's such a people person."

In a dramatic moment, Ronald's 'Legend 17' hearing aids were turned on.

"Wow. That's a difference! That's phenomenal!" said Ronald.

His wife whispered, "Can you hear me?"

Ronald answered, "Yes!"

"We're not just turning up the volume, we're turning up the volume correctly," said Eric Hanse, a hearing care specialist with Beltone.

The 'Legend 17' hearing aids have microchips inside that help the user to "clarify" sounds. They retail for roughly $10,000. They are even controlled through a smartphone app.

The Tains will put the new hearing aids right to work this weekend as they plan to host family and friends to celebrate.