HICKORY, N.C. -- Batman, Superman, Supergirl, even ninja turtles -- they're all popular Halloween costumes for little kids -- but for babies born premature, Halloween is often a forgotten holiday.

Katie Windsor is a registered nurse in the Neonatal intensive care unit at Catawba Valley Medical Center.

"Pretty much every Halloween I do something," Windsor said. "I would have to say this has been the most elaborate so far."

With the infants in Hickory unable to be home for the holidays, Windsor took it upon herself to give them their own, hospital version.

"We had witches and ghosts, and the superheroes were perfect for the situation because our babies really are our superheroes," Windsor said.

For parents like Christa Greene, who has 5-week-old Akira, seeing their kids in the homemade costumes gives them a sense of normalcy, as their baby is living in the hospital full-time.

"I was very surprised," Greene said. "I thought it was wonderful, it's awesome that she makes these and takes the time out of her schedule to do this for these babies so they can be dressed up for Halloween even though they don't get to be home."

Windsor says she's planning more surprises for Christmas the winter holiday season, but she's glad these costumes have brought awareness to the career she takes so much pride in.

"It's been very rewarding," Windsor said. "I was not expecting all this attention from all of this, but it makes me glad that it brings attention to the NICU because if you haven't had a baby that's needed to be in the NICU, I don't think people realize what we do here."

Windsor says in total she made 17 mini costumes.